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The Best Social Media Posts to Engage Your Patients
The Best Social Media Posts to Engage Your Patients

The Best Social Media Posts to Engage Your Patients

What makes social media social? Engagement.

Healthcare providers can use social media for a host of reasons - to increase brand awareness, to educate the public, and to promote healthy living. However, without engagement, these important messages can be lost.

Social media engagement is the measure of how people interact with social media accounts and content. These interactions through likes, comments, shares, or clicks help measure how content is resonating with an audience.

As people interact with content, platform algorithms prioritize that content within the feed and among accounts. This higher engagement also increases brand visibility and reach - marketing goals for any practice.

So what posts create the highest engagement?

  1. Short Videos: Short videos are highly shareable and captivating. 66% of engagement across platforms is with short videos, making them the most engaging of all types of social media posts. In today’s fast-paced environment, people want to consume the information quickly and keep scrolling. Short videos are a great way to communicate quickly and efficiently with target audiences.
  2. Images: Pictures still speak a thousand words in a moment. Images are the second most popular, and most frequently posted with 61% engagement. According to Instagram, images represent 87% of posts on the platform. On Facebook and Instagram, unique content and images trend higher.
  3. Live Video: Live video accounts for 37% of engagement. Although these posts seem to be significantly behind short videos and images, the popularity of live video is destined to grow. Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and LinkedIn all have live streaming capabilities. This format instantly connects with consumers in a unique and engaging format.

Social media engagement measures how people interact with your practice. Engaging healthcare content can educate your patients and promote healthy living by using short videos, images, and live videos across social media platforms. High engagement can also help increase your practice’s brand visibility, expand your reach, and allow your practice to positively interact with patients.

Katy Puckett
Founder & Client Marketing Director

Katy Puckett has over 25 years of experience in business management, education, and client relationships.

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