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The 4 Best Practices for Social Media Marketing in 2022
The 4 Best Practices for Social Media Marketing in 2022

The 4 Best Practices for Social Media Marketing in 2022

Because of the influence and impact of social media on the healthcare industry, there is no question that doctors should build their brand on social media.

For millions of patients, social media is an integral and trusted source of information for health-related content. By utilizing social platforms, your practice can help increase patient trust and engagement while educating and communicating with patients on a regular basis.

As you continue to engage with social media in 2022, here are 4 best practices.

  1. Vary your content: Keeping your content fresh and new will keep your audience engaged. Post photos, links, and videos with a well planned variety of content. At SoClients we can help you with a personalized content calendar to help your practice stay engaged on social media.
  2. Boosters aren’t just shots: Boosting content within platforms is worth the investment and is some of the easiest advertising. Engagement rate per boosted post is 177% higher than non-boosted posts according to a recent study. Boosting new content can help you engage existing and new patients online.
  3. Speak to specifics: 30% of top hospitals are making groups part of their Facebook strategy. Creating specific, smaller Facebook groups can help create deeper connections with your patients. Your practice can set up groups for individual specialties or procedures where members can connect with you and with each other. When patients connect, your practice grows.
  4. Reach Farther: Facebook and Twitter are great places to start, but reach farther by posting content to Instagram and YouTube. Consumers on YouTube are more engaged and search what they want to watch, creating a more personalized viewing experience than algorithms on other platforms.

The impact of social media continues to evolve and expand. Your patients are turning to social platforms for information as they make health care decisions.

To effectively reach and connect with them, vary your content, boost it, speak to specifics, and reach farther in 2022.

Katy Puckett
Founder & Client Marketing Director

Katy Puckett has over 25 years of experience in business management, education, and client relationships.