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Improving the Patient Experience through Education
Improving the Patient Experience through Education

Did you know that 3 out of 4 Americans turn to the internet when they have a health question? As a healthcare provider, you have the opportunity to impact patients far beyond your practice’s doors.

Healthcare providers should strive for a positive patient experience by setting expectations through patient education. Data shows that patient satisfaction can improve by enhancing patient education. Healthcare consumers are looking for answers when they have a new diagnosis or are facing surgery. They often look to similar patients1 experiences for reassurance.

Studies show that patient education leads to better outcomes.2 Better outcomes improve the patient experience. Expand your patient education efforts online with these simple tips:

Social Media Images & Videos: Research indicates that the use of various kinds of media, such as posts including images and videos, gives patients a better understanding of their health condition than words alone.3 In fact, educational videos are more effective than other forms of communication and are said to reduce patient anxiety.3

Blogging: Blog posts shared on social media can help you connect with your patients through positive, educational communication. It’s one of the best ways to share valuable content with your current and prospective patients.

FAQs: Patients are eager to understand their health issues and conditions. They are curious about what to expect if they have an upcoming surgery, or may need a refresher on how to care for their wounds, etc. Answering FAQs online can be a great place to build patient engagement through your practice website or social media.

Healthcare providers strive for optimal patient outcomes at all times. Enhancing your strategy to educate patients can help improve outcomes and patient satisfaction levels. Reach your patients more profoundly by making patient education a top priority.

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Katy Puckett
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