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10 Facebook Stats for Healthcare Professionals
10 Facebook Stats for Healthcare Professionals

Facebook has been around for almost 20 years, and yet continues to evolve and grow. Even with the popularity of other platforms, Facebook remains the top performing social media platform. In fact, 71% of consumers and 65% of marketers plan to use Facebook in 2023. So what will your practice do?

Let’s get to know the consumer, the platform, and the potential withthese 10 current Facebook statistics:
  1. Facebook is the 3rd most visited website after Google and YouTube.
  2. On average, Americans spend 33 minutes daily on Facebook.
  3. Although the majority of users use Facebook for social purposes, just over 55% of users follow and research brands and products on the platform.
  4. 97.4% of users access Facebook from any mobile device, so developing your content with the mobile experience in mind is essential.
  5. Facebook accounts for over 71% of all web traffic referral from social media. According to Mark Zuckerberg, that is expected to double by year-end. So understanding the Facebook algorithm is crucial.
  6. 15% of Facebook feed content is recommended by AI from non-followed accounts.
  7. 60% of consumers and 69% of marketers use Facebook for providing and receiving customer service.
  8. 1 in 4 internet users use social media to research healthcare decisions.
  9. The average conversion rate for healthcare ads is 11%, one of the highest conversion rates alongside education and fitness.
  10. Facebook generates the highest ROI among all other social media platforms.

Although social media platforms are always evolving, Facebook is still holding at the top. By staying informed, you can gain fresh insight into the healthcare consumer, the platform, and the potential of Facebook to help your practice grow.

Holly Breen Olds
Founder & Client Marketing Director

Holly Breen Olds has served the healthcare industry with over 20 years of expertise in healthcare marketing for physicians, hospitals and the medical device industry.

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